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Announce that Dinner is Ready - IHome iAVS16 Product Review

Comments? 888-563-3228 Alexa just rolled out the ability to use all the Amazon Devices as a one-way intercom. Simply Say Alex Announce that dinner is ready and she will announce it on any Amazon Device.

iHome iAVS16 SMart Alarm Clock with Alexa Enabled

Today I'm reviewing the iHome Smart Alarm Clock the iAVS16 https://youtu.be/QrwihUQSx6w I found the iHome Smart Alarm clock (with Alexa) at Best Buy (FYI it's $25 cheaper at Amazon) and it sounded pretty darn good. Then I found out it was Alexa Enabled and it had my attention, throw in that is has a built-in phone charger and I was sold. And as they say, "But wait there is more" the iHome app really takes advantage of your Spotify and other services integration. I can finally do what I've been trying to do and that is wake up to a Spotify playlist. For me, this was super cool. Other features as this unit is more than likely going to end up in a Bedroom is there is a light bar that you can set up. There are even smart buttons you can program. That's right you can press one button on the alarm clock and it will play your best Barry White playlist and set the mood with the proper lighting. Oh yea.

Setup Is Easy

You download a free app, connect the app to your wifi. Then you fire up the clock and the app connects the clock to your wi-fi and you're ready to roll. Likewise, you connect your music services to the iHome app and now you can program your music services to buttons on the top of the unit.

Not So Great Surprises

You can also program it to control smart devices*, but there is an asterisk there. Those devices have to be using Smart Outlets from iHome. There was one other pet peeve. On their website, it states the display is dimmable. It took me a while, but I figured out that the Snooze button is

What Does it Sound Like?

If you use to have a dot it's 8 million times better. You can adjust the bass and treble from the app, and I didn't know just how much bass I had until I went downstairs and heard all the bass pumping upstairs. If you're worried it won' t wake you?  Then you would have to be deaf. It will blast you out of the room. Want a warning shot? There is even an option to having soft soothing sounds play before the actual alarm.

There is a Difference Between an Amazon Device and an Alexa Enabled Device

While the iHome iAVS16 Smart Alarm Clock does everything I want it to do, when I went to try the "Announce" feature it stated that this feature was not available on this unit yet. I've never heard of this, but apparently, there is a difference between an actual Amazon Dot/echo/show and something that is Alexa enabled.


I've been wanting to wake to a Spotify playlist since music came to Alexa. While you can set music on an alarm in the Alex app, it wouldn't connect to a Spotify playlist and this does. The sound is great, and I have the bonus of a phone charger all in one. I don't have to ask Alexa what the temperature is outside or what alarm is set as they are both on the front of the display. You can buy it at Amazon.com (currently $125)  

Watch the video at https://youtu.be/QrwihUQSx6w

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