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Speaker Groups - Notifications - Prime Day 2022

Today is Prime Day in cases you didn't know. If you're not sure what Amazon Prime is, it's a program where you get free shipping and so much more. More Information (aff link)

Speaker Groups

You can set up different speakers to be a group. I set up an "Everywhere" group where every device is set to it. Then I set up my notifications to be announced "everywhere."

This way instead of having my notification only be on the device on my desk, if I'm in the kitchen I will be notified on the device in the kitchen (and living room, etc).

Alexa can even send notifications to your phone (great if you're not home). 

In the app, you can have it turn on the "yellow circle" if you miss the notification.


Prime Deals on Amazon Products MORE INFORMATION (AFF LINK)


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